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Projection Mapping & Outdoor Video

SXS were an early innovator in projection mapping in 2009. Since that time we have development and impressive portfolio and enviable credibility in delivering crisp, engaging and creative outdoor projection mapping solutions

What can be projected?

  • 4D Custom Animations to make your building look like it is moving and changing
  • Brand Imagery
  • Logos or Text
  • Simple and attractive colours to suit the mood or theme of your event.

Even if your project is in its early stages, please call us to chat about how we can help you with any building projections you may like to include.

What is Architectural Video?

In simple terms this is projecting images and video onto buildings. In practice we create a 3 dimensional model of the building and render high-definition animations onto this model. This means we can create visually-deceptive effects like water running down the side of a building, balls bouncing off architectural features, windows opening and other unusual effects.

How can you use Architectural Video?

As content is created on a custom basis for each client, we can integrate pictures of, for example, a life story, brand imagery, scenic video or any other content where images are available for use.

Outdoor Projection

The projectors we use a high-end sophisticated pieces of optical equipment. When used outdoors they need to be setup and managed in such a way as to ensure that they do not suffer from outdoor event effects such as rain and cold air. We have developed a range of methods of rigging video which include outdoor structures, outdoor stages, steeldeck structure and coverings.

Projection Mapping

Almost every building we project onto needs to have content mapped onto it. At its simplest this can include aligning and warping content in such a way as to the fit onto specific parts of the building to maximise impact and visibility. For more complex videos we can re-create the entire building in a 3d CAD package which allows precise interaction between the content and physical elements of the building.

See an example here of some projection mapping we did at London City Hall >>

The HD Projectors

SXS has a stock of several Barco HD20 projectors. At a rated power of 20,000 lumens these are some of the most powerful projectors available. They are full HD resolution to ensure excellent quality. All SXS staff using the Barco HD20 Projectors are trained in maintenance and component replacement. What makes SXS different to other projector providers is the level of technical support we provide - in particular we send out spare lamps with our projectors.

Ceiling Projection

Many clients want to create an immersive space for conferences and concerts. Rather than keep video content on stage or on screen we can full your entire venue with stunning HD projections on the walls and ceilings. Using the latest warping technology we can make a venue come to life with the illusion of foliage, structure, textures and new materials

See what we did for BBC Worldwide at the ACC in Liverpool here >>

Production, Collaboration or Dry Hire

We offer our equipment and skills to clients in three ways to suit project needs and existing capabilities:

  • Production - we can provide a complete service including concept development, storyboarding, content creation, site management, equipment and onsite delivery
  • Collaboration - often digital artists need the help and support we can offer with equipment and onsite rigging. We are happy to dovetail into existing teams as needed
  • Dry Hire - we can offer a dry hire service to our trade partners. However we are always keen to provide one of our staff that know the equipment in order to ensure smooth delivery

More Information on Building Projections

The use of projection technology is becoming increasingly popular for depicting brand imagery and other messages and/or advertising for outdoor events.

Using the latest outdoor projection technology and our proprietary techniques, we can project images onto buildings or any other outdoor feature in simple text or more elaborate moving 3D images.

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