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  • Rigging Equipment for Event Production

Rigging Equipment for Event Production

SXS Events has a vast stock of rigging equipment for all applications. You can see some of our equipment we keep in stock at our storage facility here.

As event producers, we are constantly updating our in house equipment to keep up with the latest advancements in event production.

All our equipment is available for dry hire for your event or show or as part of our end to end rigging and truss services including initial design, plan development, consultancy, technical support and stage management.

Truss Equipment

We own a full ground-support truss system. And can provide both rigid and self-climbing structures which are useful for a range of purposes including:

  • Creating rooms within event spaces
  • As the "superstructure" for other show elements
  • Hanging large set, screens or other heavy items

New Editions to our Truss Equipment

As the latest addition to our large rigging stocks, we now have a "self-climbing" ground support truss rig. This means that the roof section of a structure can be rigged at ground level then lifted to its full height of up to 6m. The elements of this are particularly useful for outdoor stages and custom structural projects. To read more about Trilite Truss please visit: www.optikinetics.co.uk/truss

Most commonly used equipment

Below is a selection with pictures of some of our most commonly used and hired rigging and truss equipment. This is just a very small selection of some of the equipment we have in stock. If your event has specific rigging requirements please don't hesitate to get in touch, as our vast inventory is constantly growing to support our client's requirements.

If you are new to the concepts of rigging for events, you can browse a series of articles we created to introduce the core concepts of the engineering and requirements of this specialist field. We recommend you start by reading our rigging overview article followed by the second in the series which describes the concepts of points for rigging and finally rigging plots for communicating design and installation.

Litec QX30€™s Box Truss Section

Litec QX30€™s Box Truss Section

SXS stocks a very large amount of Litec QX30 truss in standard lengths of 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, and 3 metres. In addition to this we have shorter custom lengths in order to build structures to fit your venue exactly.

Litec QX30s box truss dado for joining sections and creating corners in stage and exhibition rigging

Litec QX30s Box Truss Dado

Used for joining sections of truss together at angles parallel or perpendicular to one another.

Egg, Pins, and Clips Truss Fastening System connection kit for Litec QX30s box truss stage and exhibition rigging

Egg, Pins and Clips Truss Fastening System

Used for joining together sections of Litec QX30 Box Truss, as well as fastening to other compatible accessories such as baseplates and dados.

3 1/4 ton bow shackle for stage and exhibition rigging

3.25 Ton Bow Shackle

Used to connect loads of up to 3.25 tons on a single point, for use with items such as hoists and slings.

1000kg girder clamp for stage and exhibition rigging

1000kg Girder Clamp

Used for hanging loads of up to 1000kg from steel girders such as structural roof beams.

Steel wire rope for stage, event, and exhibition rigging

Steel Wire Rope

Used for attaching loads to a single point i.e. wrapping around truss to connect to a hoist.

Nylon Sling for event, stage, and exhibition rigging

Nylon Slings

Our nylon slings have a similar use to steep wire rope, but are of course more flexible whilst forming a complete loop.

Marquee clamp with eye bolt and half coupler for outdoor event rigging

Marquee Clamp with Eye Bolt and Half Coupler

Specifically designed for marquee roof beams, the marquee clamp can be used to rig items such as lighting and sound directly to the marquee structure. Here it is shown with an eye bolt, and a half coupler for attaching to truss.

Using this equipment

As events specialists, SXS Events can design, risk assess and build an impressive range of structures or custom builds to fulfil your brief. Regardless of the complexity or scale of your project, our rigging and structural departments are always up for the challenge your event or exhibition may present.

With years of experience, thorough knowledge in this field and a deep understanding of client requirements our solutions are always on time, on budget and built to the specifications you need.

Structural Projects for Events

SXS take a unique approach to rigging that maintains our core values of safety, aesthetics and fulfilling client briefs. As a specialist skill, our team have a wealth of invaluable resource and ability available to our clients, regardless of the nature of your event. As a full service provider our experience in a vast range of events production means we can provide a full end to end solution for event rigging.

Some of our services include:

Typical structural projects we undertake include:

  • Ground support truss structures for entertainment equipment and graphics
  • Self-climbing structures that mitigate the need for working at height
  • Motorised lifting truss grids for where a range of hanging points are needed for exhibition and other projects
  • Outdoor structures for performances
  • Structures and custom build to be clad with graphics
  • Complex rigging requirements for exhibitions, concerts, stage, stands and fashion shows

We have spent years in the events industry, and have built up a vast collection of structural assets and equipment at our warehouses. As such, we hold a variety of core stock suitable for all manner of events and custom projects. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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