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Rigging Hire

We offer a huge range of rigging and truss equipment for dry hire from our stocked warehouses of event production equipment.

With one of the UK's most extensive inventories of truss, hoists, slings, accessories and angled sections we can fulfil even the most unusual of briefs and structural requirements.

Truss & Rigging Inventory

As event producers, we are constantly updating or stock available for dry hire to meet our requirements from our ever expanding client list and technological advancements within the field of event production. If you're in any doubt as to your requirements, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us here at SXS Events for expert advice.

We offer dry hire of equipment or booking of personnel from our rigging department to meet your event requirements. As experts in our field and with extensive knowledge, we can advise where needed on the best equipment for you to use, and ensure you have all the rigging equipment you will need for your event.

All of our equipment is inspected, tested and maintained to the very highest of standards and supplied with all the relevant documentation for installation, offering you the latest in technology and health and safety standards for your event or show.

We hold a large stock of truss, lifting gear, scaffold, and associated equipment for use in London, Bristol and beyond, regularly used in some of the UK's most prestigious venues including the NEC Birmingham and ExCel centres.

Equipment suitability

We have yet to meet a project that our dry hire stock cannot service. Typically our equipment is hired out for a myriad of venues and settings including both indoor and outdoor set and stage, theatrical and concert performances, exhibitions and trade shows, individual and corporate parties, product launches and a range of marketing and advertising requirements.

Typical rigging and truss equipment we hire out includes:

  • Manual and motorised hoists and winches
  • Hoist Controllers
  • Trusses

We hold a wide range of truss and associated rigging equipment, including:

  • Various truss systems (Litec QX30s, Litec QX40s, Opti Trilite)
  • Various corners, dado blocks and angled sections
  • Hoists, motors and other lifting/moving equipment
  • A wide range of accessories including slings, shackles, ropes etc

Litec Truss Hire

Our Litec QX30 is a light weight extruded aluminium alloy truss and our wide range of lengths mean that we can meet your specification to the nearest 100mm. The egg and pin joining method means that it can be assembled quickly and safely. We hold a large amount of truss in a variety of sizes, these include:

  • QX-30 - 3m
  • QX-30 - 2m
  • QX-30 - 1m
  • QX-30 - 500mm
  • QX-30 - 125mm
  • QX-30 - 100mm
  • QX-30 - Dados
  • QX-30 - Angled Dados
  • QX-40 - 3m
    • QX-40 - 2m

Drape & Reveal Equipment

For surrounding and/or partitioning and hiding internal structural rigging we have an extensive range of drapes and reveals available for hire alongside structural components and equipment.

This video outlines some of the key rigging concepts we use and how the equipment works:

Additional rigging services

As seasoned experts with years of practical experience in the events industry, our rigging department can offer far more services to meet your requirements than simple dry hire. Please see below for the additional services we can offer

Rigging for Event Production >>

SXS take a unique approach to rigging that maintains our core values of Safety, Aesthetics and fulfilling Client Briefs.

Exhibition Rigging >>

We can work with you to develop and produce an exhibition rigging design that'll meet your requirements perfectly.

Rigging & Structures for Concerts >>

As a UK provider of extensive equipment and installation services for concert halls, arenas, studios and more our rigging and structural services for concerts and live sound are unparalleled.

Stage & Performance Rigging >>

With over ten years experience rigging we have the skills, equipment and know-how to design and install aerial performance rigs in a wide range of venues.

Custom Truss Design >>


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