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CO2 Cannon Effects

CO2 is fast-becoming one of our most popular stage effects.

CO2 gives a big and impressive stage effect, without the complexity and planning required with pyrotechnics.

What Effect Does CO2 give?

To the eye CO2 blasters initially look like an extremely powerful conventional smoke machine. Using multiple blaster heads it is possible to fill a stage, entrance tunnel or other space very quickly with thick white smoke. Because an unlimited number of blaster heads can be used, impressive multi-point effects can be achieved.

How is CO2 different from traditional smoke?

The main difference is that the visual effect of CO2 dissipates within seconds. The benefit of this is that the event space is not left with lingering smoke in the air. While this is sometimes a desired effect, we would typically advise the use of Haze for this purpose. The way in which CO2 dissipates so quickly is perfect for televised events, or ones where transient effects are required, such as conferences, awards shows and launches.

How is the effect controlled?

Our systems are DMX-controlled. This means that they are controlled using the same system as Intelligent Lighting. The benefit of this is that the timing of the CO2 can be in line with other lighting effects. If we are producing a time-lined sequence of effects for your show this makes CO2 ideal.

Is CO2 dangerous?

CO2 is Carbon Dioxide and is common in normal air, but in small volumes. Prolonged exposure to pure CO2 is not advisable, but for entertainment purposes the CO2 exposure is relatively limited. It is important that CO2 blasters are not used excessively in an entertainment environment, and operation of such equipment should always be done by a skilled and trained technician.

SXS use the same safety protocols for CO2 as for pyrotechnics - even though the risks and hazards of CO2 are considerably smaller than with pyro.

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