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3D Visuals & Animation

By "building" your event in a 3D space...

We can ensure that the event design is perfect, everything fits and can be accurately communicated to all those involved.In a 3D space we can output creative visuals, technical floor-plans and even animated video walkthroughs of your venue or site.

This is particularly useful when:

  • The event concept needs to be communicated to committees, end-clients, licensing authorities or other contractors
  • There are multiple stakeholders in the project that need to understand the overall vision of the project
  • The production is complex and multiple parts need to fit together cohesively

We offer our 3D visualisation services free of charge for the early stage of all major projects, but please note that prior to our instruction all visuals wll have watermarks and remain our property at all times.

Having full detailed drawings of your event means that more planning can be done in advance, and the expectations of all stakeholders may be better managed.

To this end, we have improved and mastered the drafting of scaled, 3D floorplans and visuals for our major productions. This allows us to:

  • Establish scales and quantities of equipment in a venue
  • Demonstrate visually to clients the look and feel of their events in advance
  • Produce animated 3D walkthroughs of the event for viewing in advance
  • Output accurate, multi-layered floor plans

These visuals are another way we are working to bridge the gap between creative vision and real-world production and infrastructure. Visuals are provided free-of-charge to existing clients and to select new clients.

See some examples of 3D Walkthroughs below

Stadium Concert

Major Fashion Show

Hair Product Launch

Contact us now to discuss how we can create a detailed visualisation of your event.

Call us on 0333 022 0171


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