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  • Power Distribution Equipment for Event Production

Power Distribution Equipment for Event Production

We can provide a complete power distribution solution for your event.

We have over 10,000 metres of power cable in stock and the experience of providing this service to numerous events. We can offer a range of solutions:

  • Onsite 'tailing-in' which avoids the need for generators
  • Generator procurement and management
  • 'Heavy' power runs from a primary power source
  • Power user management for caterers, contractors and other parties needing power

In 2007, we bought out a major power distribution company 'Production Power Ltd'. This included a large and high quality stock of distribution equipment which added to our existing stock.

For more information on outdoor power distribution and power cable read this wikipedia article

SXS has a vast stock of power distribution equipment for all applications. Below is a selection (with pictures) of some of our most commonly used items.

16 amp connectors for power distribution and events

16 Amp Power Connectors - The standard connector for low current power on site, SXS has a vast stock of 16 Amp cables in lengths from 2m to 50m. These connectors are IP (Ingress Protection) rated so are perfect for outdoor event use.

32 Amp 3 phase connectors and cable for event power distribution

32 Amp 3-Phase Power Connectors - 3 Phase power is used to provide smooth, consistent power to machinery. However, in events it is also used to provide 3 lots of power down one cable (i.e. a 32 amp 3 phase cable can deliver up to 96 amps). 3 Phase cables are usually distinguished by red connectors.

63 amp 3 phase power cable for event and festival power distribution

63 Amp 3-Phase Connectors - Used to carry large amounts of power down one cable, our 63 and 125 amp 3-phase 'heavy power' cables have heavy duty rubber coated IP rated connectors.

Power lock cable and connectors for event site production power

PowerLock Power Cable Connectors - Used for carrying very large amounts of power (up to 400 amps per phase) Powerlock is commonly used for linking generators and other heavy duty applications.

Socapex multi-pin connector for site power and sound

'Socapex' Multi-pin connectors - Used to carry multiple signals down a single cable whilst keeping them separate from one another. Commonly used for lighting in order to keep each power line individually dimmable. Can also be used to carry audio signals. 'Socapex' is technically a brand name, and similar connectors are made by many other companies.

socapex breakout fan out for event lighting site power

'Socapex' Breakout to 16 Amp Power - Used to break a 'Socapex' cable down to its constituent individual 16 amp feeds. Also available as a break in to convert multiple 16 amp feeds to one 'Socapex' cable.

Small cable ramp for event, festival and site power

Small Cable Ramp - Used to protect cables from vehicles, and prevent them getting caught or snagged underfoot, SXS stocks cable ramp in both small and large varieties. Pictured is the small.


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