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Vintage Lighting

Vintage Styled lighting has become a major trend at the top end of event and production design. By tapping into our resource of dated lighting fixtures we can offer genuinely retro lighting equipment for use as both a prop and working unit.

Vintage aesthetics have become increasingly popular in the last few years. As a leader in creative event design we have created some stylish large-filament vintage lighting effects.

These units are long strips that can be integrated into set and stage designs. We have strips in lengths of 2m, 1m, 50cm and corner pieces.

With the latest fabrication, electrical and rigging techniques we can provide this equipment to current safety regulations for use in demanding environments.

In addition to lighting fixtures of 20+ years old, we also have more modern lights that work well within the same aesthetic. These modern fixtures also present excellent optics which make them suitable for exhibition, photographic and printed-media illumination.

Lamp-Batten Bars

These are an item we manufactured for a specific client. See above image. These are strips of 1m and 2m which have lamps spaced evenly apart along the length. We also have curved corner sections. These are great as a backdrop, set-piece or to surround a graphic.

Studio Stands

The exposed stand look is very popular. Our stands undergo annual LOLER-compliant inspections.

Vintage Fixtures

SXS was founded in 1998 and back then a lot of the kit we could afford was second hand and old. We still own a lot of these lights which means we have an intriguing collection fo vintage lighting fixtures in stock. These range from old Strand lights, effects projectors, to a wide range of PAR cans in differing condition. We also hold some large-format 2k fresnels with oversized barn doors.

Large filament lamps

These are "Edison-style" lamps which have very large filaments. We believe that the popularity of these items is a subconscious protest to the prevalence of the cold and hard LED light that is now commonplace in domestic environments. These large filament fixtures give a heavily amber-shifted (generally known as "warm") light which is reasonably well diffused due to the surface area of the filament.

Condition to suit your design

As standard our lights are clean, tidy and freshly painted. However some clients want a fixture that looks older, dated, rusted or otherwise. In such applications we are happy to dress, paint or modify fixtures to suit the condition required. This often involves painting the fixtures.

In this video we show some of the most popular forms of vintage lighting:

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