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  • Lighting Equipment for Event Production

Lighting Equipment for Event Production

SXS has a vast stock of lighting equipment for all applications. Below is a selection (with pictures) of some of our most commonly used items.

Beam lights

The beam is a striking effect for any kind of event an effective light that can be used for a range of effects. Our beam lights are perfect for:

  • Live performances
  • Stage Lighting
  • Conference Effect Lighting
  • Entrance Lighting

Please see our video of beam lights in use:

Beam lighting for an orchestral production

PAR 64 Can for stage, fashion and event lighting

PAR 64 Can - A staple of stage and event lighting, the Par Can may be fitted with different lamps to give different types of light, from a narrow spot to a wide flood.

PAR 56 Can for stage, fashion, theatre and event lighting

PAR 56 Can - Similar to the 64, the Par 56 has a wide range of applications, but uses less power and has a smaller physical design. This is offset by producing a slightly less bright light.

Fresnel 2000 Watt theatre flood light for live and recorded events

2K Fresnel - The 2000 Watt Fresnel is a large theatre light that produces a warm light with a soft focus. It is generally used for creating a wash of light over a large area.

400 Watt metal halide flood light for outdoor and architectural event lighting

400 Watt Metal Halide Flood Light - Used primarily outdoors due to its Ingress Protection (IP) rating. Produces a wide flood and can be fitted with various bulbs to produce different coloured light.

Lampara custom angled uplighter for indoor event and wedding decor

'Lampara' Angled Uplighter - Custom designed for SXS, these uplighters are used for lighting around walls and in event spaces. They can be fitted with any colour gel to produce a full spectrum of colours.

Pin spots for feature lighting at weddings and other live events

Pinspots - Primarily placed overhead to light tables and other features, pinspots produce a narrow beam of warm light.

LED PAR 64 Can for disco, stage, event, theatre lighting

LED PAR 64 Can - The LED version of the Par 64 shares very little with it's namesake apart from the housing. It can produce many colours, either solid or controlled by a lighting desk. It is generally used to produce fixed washes of colour, or as an effect light.

LED Slim Par for stage, theatre, event lighting

LED Slim PAR - A more modern version of the LED Par can, it is thinner, lighter, and brighter. Again, mainly used as an effect light.

LED Batten colour changing DMX light fixture for live events

LED Batten - A strip of fully controllable LED colour changing lights. Can be used as a backdrop, set piece, uplighter, and for many other applications.

Martin Atomic 3000 strobe light for dj, nightclub, stage, live events

Martin Atomic 3000 Strobe Light - A very large, powerful strobe light. Can be controlled via a lighting desk.

Moving head spot light for live, stage, event lighting

Moving Head Beam Light - Can be used to create a beam of white or coloured light which pans and tilts. Also projects moving gobos, and can use a prism effect. Completely controllable.

Moving head spot light for live, stage, theatre event lighting

Moving Head Spot Light - Produces a narrow beam of white or coloured light which can pan and tilt. Can also be used for gobo projection.

Moving head wash light for live, stage, theatre event production

Moving Head Wash Light - Creates a wide wash of white or coloured light which can pan or tilt. Contains a frost filter to give a wider spread of light.

This is just a very small selection of some of the equipment we have in stock. If your event has specific lighting requirements please don't hesitate to get in touch.

For more information call 0333 022 0171


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