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Marquee Interiors

SXS can provide a full fit out services for marquees and other temporary structures.

Marquees are used for a wide range of events from weddings, to exhibitions, to festivals, to experiential spaces for marketing activies. By working within the creative brief we can help deliver on the objectives from your event. We use a lot of techniques and fabrics including:

Tack-off lining

Tack-off linings are used where a stretch fabric is stretched around a frame hung in the marquee. This is highly effective in covering the roof space and gives a highly finished and perfectly flat roof. Typically tack-off linings are made in multiple frames and hung seperately, but they can also be stretched across larger roof areas.

Stretched flat roofs

Many people do not want their marquee or structure to have the typical gable (apex, or triangle-shaped) roof visible. In such cases we can dress the interior of a marquee using a flat roof fabric. This gives a very high quality finish and is substantially lower cost than other construction-based techniques

Marquee Flat Walls

While marquees traditionally use gathered fabric walls, we can provide either perfectly flat stretched fabric walls or hard walls. Using fabric similar to lycra we can achieve a perfectly flat finish to a wall. This gives a stunning effect and is highly cost effective. We can also create hard walls that allow for attachment of heavy items such as plasma screens, set pieces, shelving etc. These can be very useful for exhibitions and other product-based projects.

Marquee Drape Dividers

If you want to divide your marquee into seperate areas, this can be done with free-standing drape supports or with drapery rigged from the marquee roof.

Marquee Rigging

The starting point for any marquee interiors project is the rigging. We can attach to the roof structure of most marquees through use of kader/marquee clamps, fabric slings and other methods. This allows us to rig truss, scaffold or drape batten into a marquee.

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