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3D Lettering Manufacture

SXS Can manufacture 3D lettering for displays at conferences, exhibitions and retail environments.

Using a mixture of the latest CNC LASER cutting, as well as old-fashioned crafting, we can create 3D lettering that adds dimension to your graphics. 3D lettering can extrude up to 6cm from a set and can be printed in any font, any size, any finish and any style. Lightweight foam is used so attachment to graphics, set, walls or otherwise is easy. As well as letters, we can print logo and other custom shapes in 3D.

This style of lettering has numerous benefits including:

  • the letters add dimension to a set
  • the letters can case shadows which can add more appeal to a design
  • 3D letters are more interactive and tactile than conventional flat graphics

We can integrate 3d lettering into our range of other set-build, fabrication and production solutions.

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