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Softscene is the system that we use to hang our drapes.

Some clients are concerned that our drape and decor solutions will involve drilling, taping or other means of attachments to walls.

Softscene is the modular, telescopic polework system that we use for hanging drapes, banners and other lightweight materials. This is invaluable for all venues where wall fixings are not permitted. With a maximum height of 17'/5.2m this system can be used in most venues throughout the UK.

Our new stock gives us enough polework to drape off up to 3120 square metres of wall space. This is enough to do most major sports halls, arenas and other large venues in the UK.

Why use softscene?

Our Softscene system allows us to create drapery and decor designs in spaces that would otherwise not allow for this. Softscene is a free-standing polework system that can extend up to 5m high. It is balanced using thick steel base plates, which will not damage fragile floors.

Some clients are concerned that our drape and decor solutions will involve drilling, taping or other means of attachments to walls. Softscene is a floor standing solution that does not need to attach to ceilings or walls. With careful installation and the correct ground protection softscene will not leave any marks on a venue.

How does it work?

There are five elements to the system

  • Base plate - this is what gives the system stability. We have three different types of base plate to suit different applications. These are made from 6mm plate steel
  • Spiggot - this is a metal tube that bolts into the base plate and allows the upright to attach
  • Upright pole - this pole is adjustable from 7' up to 17' high. It sleeves over the spiggot
  • Horizontal pole - this clips between the upright poles

How big is it?

The vertical poles extend from 7' to 17'. The horizontal poles go from 7' to 12'. It is important to consider the weight of fabric and risk of unstabling air movements before extending to full height.

How do I know how much I need?

The amount of pole work needed is determined by the perimeter distance of drapes needed. So measure the distance of drape needed and divide this by 3 metres for an approximate quantity. Bear in mind that obstructions like pillars may mean the bays start and stop in such a way that means more is needed.

Can I see it?

Of course. We offer clients custom demos free of charge at our Bristol based studio.

Please call us to discuss your drapery and rigging needs, here.

Learn about the different fabrics and materials we use here:


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