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Drape Reveal

SXS can provide a range of drape reveal solutions for revealing items as small as a plaque to those as large as entire venues or buildings.

Typically, clients want to use drape reveals to add a "champagne moment" to their event. Many such events are based around the launch or first view of a product or feature. Such events may want to make the reveal moment a crescendo to a dinner, conference or PR stunt.

With our diverse equipment stocks and vast experience we can design, build and operate a wide range of drape reveals. Some of the typical methods used include:

Tube Drape Reveal

"Kabuki" Drops

This is an electronic system where a solenoid device allows a drape to fall to the ground. This method is ideal where a large area needs to be revealed and the drape to be removed quickly. Our "Kabuki" mechanisms are custom-made by our fabrication team and are DMX controlled, which allows them to be controlled alongside lighting and other show effects. The main downside to a kabuki system is that the drape lands on the ground and needs to be removed prior to guests approaching the revealed object. Also, re-tying the drape requires technicians to climb ladders which cannot be done during an event. Kabuki reveals are ideal when there is an aesthetic requirement which involves not having any material left overhead after the reveal. These are ideal in venues with lower ceilings, or where elaborate technical production is in use.

Reefer Reveals

Reefing Drapes allow a drape to "fly" into the air instantaneously to reveal the object. This is done using special techniques that the SXS team has developed and refined. The method is inspired by a sailing technique used for hundreds of years. The benefit of this method is that the drape can be removed very quickly, and can be done repeatedly without the need for crew accessing rigging etc. Our reefing system is also totally scalable meaning that we can reveal very large areas. The largest area we have revealed was an entire aircraft hangar using a drape system that was 8m high and lifted out of view in less than two seconds. Reefer systems are the best for events where the audience needs to walk over the threshold and interact with the product. These are ideal for car launches and other product-based events.

Track Reveals

Track reveals are the method most commonly used in theatres between scene changes. These reveals work by pulling the drapes along a special track to the side. These are typically rope-controlled and often have clever counterweight systems to assist with the workings. We use track reveals for Car Launches, Conferences, Product Launches and other similar events.

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