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Rain Curtain

SXS have developed water screens viewed by millions of people throughout the world; these have been used for helping brands deliver their messages, as well as a creative effect for themed events, theatre and concerts.

What is a rain curtain?

A rain curtain provides a wall of falling droplets of water. This can give a rain effect, or be projected onto for some amazing effects

What can it be used for?

There are many ways that our rain curtains can be used. These include concerts, a decorative feature for events, to create a rain effect for theatre, set pieces, and projection screens for conferences. The water can have HD video projected onto it which allows for a wide range of exciting effects. The water can also act as a projection surface for presentations and viewing of films.

Can it be used on stage?

Absolutely. We built the troughs to be easily integrated into staging decks. This allows for the troughs to form a seamless part of a performance stage. This means that our rain curtains can be part of a stage show, performance or presentation. We can even control the flow so that a performer or presenter walks through the curtain at the exact moment that the water stops flowing. This can be a fantastic entrance effect.

Where does the water go?

The entire system is a closed system in that water that falls from the top is collected in specially designed troughs. It is then fed back into a sump from which it is pumped back to the top again. Some water can occasionally escape, but no more than a few droplets will touch the floor. This means that it is suitable to use indoors and in venues that cannot get wet.

How do you get rid of the water afterwards?

We have special pumping equipment that allows us to get the water into the nearest drain or outdoors

What venues can it be used in?

Almost any. We can hang all the header equipment from rigging points or build a self-supporting structure if rigging is not available in the venue. It is best to have plenty of ceiling height, but the system can be used in venues with lower ceilings. We need at least two metres behind the screen for the pump equipment to be sited.

What Next?

  • Please get in contact to discuss your next event and how our rain curtain can help make it spectacular.
  • Follow the link for more info on our Water Video Screens
  • For an article on water screens click here!

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