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  • Swimming Pool Event Covering

Swimming Pool Event Covering

SXS are the only company in the UK offering a temporary structural pool covering service for events. We have a wide range of experience of this and can work on any pool in any part of the country providing a seamless transformation of your pool area from one function to another.

Many clients are keen to use the space that swimming pools use for their events and projects. Whether an interior or exterior pool, the space taken up can be prime real estate for transforming a space for a particular event or occasion and our pool covering service provides additional space for a wide variety of functions, from dance floors to dining halls.

Where space is a premium, a dancefloor swimming pool covering is an option.

Swimming Pool Floor Covering

Our clients are increasingly becoming more interested in the versatility this option offers and the potential for access to extended floor space for an event.

There are several typical reasons you may wish to cover a swimming pool for an event:

  • To be able to use the pool area as a swimming pool dance floor or to extend your event space
  • To add an interesting visual change to a space that guests are familiar with
  • With the use of transparent polymers, a see-through flooring dancefloor, can be a very impressive statement piece for your event

Whatever the requirements, our team will work seamlessly to provide a solution for your pool, whilst advising on a covering to meet your events budget, theme and interior decor.

Dancefloor over a swimming pool

To see our team in action creating the structure for a dancefloor over a swimming pool, check out our video below:

Temporary pool covering FAQs

How strong are your temporary pool covers?

The swimming pool coverings we install are structurally sound up to 5kN per Square Metre - This force is the equivalent of having approximately 500kg of weight every 1m x 1m area on the floor. This is the building regulation requirement for imposed floor loadings and is satisfactory for dancefloors, dining and other activities.

What covering options are there?

Plenty! We offer a very wide range of covering options. In fact, any surface we can cover our normal stages with can be used on these structures, This can include:

  • Carpeted solutions
  • Laminates
  • See-through and transparent dancefloors
  • Printed materials
  • Mirror dancefloors
  • Or even thin water layers

On a recent project we created a see-through temporary pool covering then put a thin layer of water over the top of it which gave an incredible effect.

Swimming Pool Floor Covering - Scuba Diving Setup

Do dancefloor coverings cause any damage to the pool?

No. We use specially-made protective padding to ensure that no tiles, paint or stone are damaged. We appreciate the importance of a high level of care and attention.

Does covering a pool leave anything in it?

On occasion small pieces of metal or wood can fall into the pool during setup or removal.  However the volumes are minimal and a simple pool clean will remove them easily.

How big can swimming pool coverings be?

There is no limit to the size of pool we can cover.

How can I find out more or get a quote?

Please call us on 0333 022 0171, or email hello@sxsevents.co.uk

It will be useful to know:

  • the length and width of the pool
  • how deep it is at the deepest end and the shallowest end
  • If you have any covering ideas

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