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Car Launch Drapes & Reveals

For your car launch event you may wish to use drapes as a way of helping the event to improve the fulfilment of its objectives, increase sales and increase product awareness.

There are two main uses of drapery for car launch and car showroom events.

Drape Reveals:

As the 'champagne moment' for a car launch, a drape reveal is ideal. The basic idea is that when guests arrive at the event they cannot see the car, as it is hidden by a drape. This drape can either hang over the car or in front of it. After a presentation or short talk the drape can be removed to show the car. When used in conjunction with well-chosen music and show effects, this can be a dramatic and very memorable experience.

The drapes used can be any colour and can have brand imagery printed onto them. We can also provide translucent drapes that allow the guests to see the shape of the car in silhouette form.

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Showroom Drapes

Most modern car showrooms in Europe are glass fronted to allow the product to be seen from the outside. For exclusive and VIP launch events a lot of clients want to prevent people from seeing inside. This adds a more exclusive feel to the event which can contribute to the brand-engagement of the prospective car owner.

We can provide blackout drape solutions for car showrooms irrespective of size and shape. Our rigging systems do not require fixings to be on walls or roofs as all rigging is ground supported.

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