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SXS holds a range of lecterns for use on awards shows, conferences, presentations and speeches.

What is a lectern? A lectern is a piece of stage furniture that is used for a presenter to place notes on. It also allows for attachment of microphones, discreet work lights, computer preview monitors and other items. Typically lecterns also allow shelf space for glasses of water or other personal items.

Lecterns are often called podiums, pulpits or rostra by some people. Phrases differ by region, industry and country.

Conical Lectern

This lectern was orignally a custom design for an international conference client. The lectern is of conical shape which means it has a larger top than bottom. Inside the lectern there are multiple shelves. The lectern has integrated gooseneck lighting and surface-mount XLR connectors for lectern mics.
This lectern comes in gloss white as standard. Typically we will apply custom graphics to it to reflect the client brand or event name. We can also repaint as required.

Perspex Lectern

This lectern is completely see-through which maximises the visibility of the presenter. This can be good when the body language and appearance of the presenter is important. Conversely some presenters prefer to have some barrier between themselves and their audience, in which case this is not ideal. The perspex lectern does not have any in-built cabling or lighting as this would undermine the transparency of the item.

Truss Lectern

Our truss lecterns are made from the same aluminium that is used for rigging equipment so can fit in well with a set design where there is exposed trussing. These can accept "truss toning" effects well, whereby white or coloured light is used to illuminate the lectern internally.

Presidential lectern

These are very traditional lecterns with a central pillar and top panel. They come covered in felt to fit your brand.

Use of lecterns

These are ideal for awards shows, conferences, event production, presentations and gala dinners.


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