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Autocue & Teleprompter

Teleprompt and Autocue for Conferences, Presentations and Awards.

As part of our complete production solutions, we provide autocue services. Autocue is a form of teleprompting that allows presenters to see their notes without having to look at paper. This is ideal for when a speech or presentation needs to appear natural and relaxed but the nature of the content is such that the presenter needs cues.

In essence this works by the presenter being able to see a ghosted image on a discreet glass screen between them and audience. The angle of reflection means that the same is almost completely invisible from the audience.

How does this work?

This concept of a telepromoter is rooted in a victorian theatre effect called "pepper's ghost", invented by Johnn Henry Pepper in 1838. How is works is by a specially coated sheet of high-quality glass standing on a 45 degree angle to the presenter. An inverted and rotated LCD screen sits on the floor beneath this. The angle means that the presenter can see the screen, while the audience simply see straight through the glass.

As part of our autocue service we provide:

  • Special Glass Screen
  • High-Brightness LCD Monitors
  • Software Based Image Rotation
  • Pre-production, onsite compilation and basic editing of presenter scripts (time dependant)
  • Autocue operator to follow the script through


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