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3D Event Projection

SXS offer the world's first event-specific 3D projection technology.

This is most exciting, engaging and fun way of presenting information or a brand message at an event. Using the latest polarising technology, sophisticated DLP projection, and some of the UKs most talented 3D content designers we can offer a complete 3D projection solution from inception to completion.

When to use:

3D projection is a tool. Like any tool, it is how it is used that really matters. Here are a few ways in which 3D Projection is a great tool for adding value, increasing engagement and exciting an audience

  • Make graphical information 'jump out' at the audience to highlight key points, such as key elements of a graph, or a graphical element of a slide design
  • Liven up a powerpoint presentation
  • Use as a feature element to an awards show or conference to give guests a key talking point
  • Tell delegates about the technology in advance to increase excitement about the event
  • Use to better depict technical concepts such as molecular structure, technical drawings, architecture etc
  • Any other uses at conferences, awards shows, or parties where you want something new and exciting

The Projection

We have developed our own proprietary 3D Projection Technology. This is based around the system used in recent films such as Avatar, but with improvements that are not feasible in cinemas. The use of 'Circular Polarisation' in cinemas creates a greater level of 'ghosting' of the image than our system. With the use of two completely independent image sources our system has a much lower level of ghosting which gives a cleaner, crisper image.

So why don't the cinema use this? The reason is because in cinemas the audience is more scattered and Circular Polarisation deals with this better. As an event solution, we have a greater level of control over the audience layout, so we can work around this and use the better system.

The Content

The production and compilation of your 3D Projection content is a crucial element to the delivery of 3D Projection. We can work in three different ways to deliver this aspect of Projection:

  • Fully Managed Content - we produce and deliver all content for the project.
  • Partnership Production - we work alongside your existing graphic designers to make existing content work in a 3D application. This is the most common way of working.
  • Consultative - we give advice and guidance to your designers on producing the content. Note that this option requires your designers to be skilled and experienced in the use of complex 3D modeling software.

How does it work?

The concept is simple, but the execution has taken many hundreds of man-hours to perfect. In essence we all perceive the world around us to be in 3D because each eye receives different visual information. Try closing one eye and opening the other quickly - you will see that each eye gets a different view of the world around you.

When both eyes are open our brain processes the two different images and gives us the perception of depth.

This is the basis of 3D Projection; each eye must see a different image. And this is how 3D Projection works; by making each eye receive a different image which together makes the brain think it is seeing the projection in 3D.

So how do we do this with a projector? We project two separate images through perpendicular linear polarisation filters. These are pieces of glass that only let light waves that move in a certain direction pass through. The audience member then wears polarised glasses, where one eyepiece only allows horizontally polarised images to pass through and the other eyepiece allows vertically polarised images to pass through.

So basically, one eye is looking at one projection and the other eye is looking at the other. Without the special polarised glasses you can see both images at the same time and this appears as blurry. With glasses on the image has the impression of depth.

Is it Safe?

Yes. From a safety point of view, it is no different from looking at a normal video projection system.

What does it cost?

Each 3D projection project is fully bespoke. We work with you to define what is needed and what outcomes you want. We then provide a fixed quote based on these requirements. Fixed pricing is key as it means you pay what was agreed, and costs will not change.

To establish a budget, even at the early stages, please give us a call for a chat. Even if you only have limited information on the project we can give you an idea of budget, which is enough for you to decide if you want to proceed with incorporating 3D projection. Likewise, you can indicate a budget to us and we will give you an idea of what is achievable on it.

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