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Fashion Show Lighting

We are one of the most experienced providers of specialist fashion show lighting throughout the UK. Having worked on shows including couture shows for LFW to modelling contests and trunk shows, we understand the uniqueness of each show.

We know that the fashion show lighting design for a catwalk show is essential to ensure that the maximum effect is created to accurately display the collection as the designer intends. All catwalk shows should start with a completely smooth wash of white fashion show lighting without any 'hot spots'.

How we approach fashion show lighting

Our philosophy towards fashion show lighting and production design is that the show is about the clothing designs, the models, the brand or indeed all of these elements collectively.

We believe that our involvement is only required to enhance these elements. In the majority of cases, fashion show lighting is more of a tool than part of the theatrics of the show. It is merely used to enhance the real star, that is, the garments.

As such, when lighting up a catwalk it is important to make sure the lighting doesn't overpower the clothes on show.

The type of lighting we provide will depend on the show, for example a production based fashion show that involves dance or music will need high energy lighting, whereas a couture fashion show will only require basic 'daylight' effect lighting to accentuate the clothes and create soft tones that accentuate a models features.

Having provided fashion show lighting for London Fashion Week as well as most of London's prime shopping centres, we are your perfect provider for catwalk lighting and design.

We understand the unique needs of producers, designers, and agents. By achieving the right balance of all of these we can ensure that your apparel is reflected in the best light possible whilst adhering to brief, budget, aesthetics and intended atmosphere.

Top model fashion lighting

Techniques and considerations for catwalk lighting

As with most fashion shows, a range of colours, textures and shades will be shown in the fabrics of the garments plus any theatrical elements in the make-up and hair design of the models on the catwalk.

As such, it's imperative that any show lighting is expertly implemented to highlight but not detract or clash with these elements. You won't want any distractions from your label, brand or latest collections. There are three main ways of achieving the correct tone and hues of light to perfectly enhance a couture fashion show

Full spectrum lighting

Full spectrum white lighting as the name suggests, features all the light frequencies at a similar illumination level as white. In contrast, fluorescents whilst they appear to be white don't feature the full spectrum of frequencies.

Full spectrum lighting is essential to truly illuminate the full spectrum of colours, textures and shades in any of the garments to be featured. We tend to use incandescent lighting, similar to those fitted in stage lighting for theatrical productions, to achieve the right spectrum of illumination.

Colour temperature

Colour temperature is equally important in creating tones and hues that match the ambience of your show that rightly reflect the emotion you want to portray from your collection and also lend well to great photography and film.

How warm or cold a white light is depends on a phenomenon called amber shift, with the aim normally being to achieve a light of medium temperature and neutral colour temperate.

Light distribution

Ensuring that models are evenly well lit wherever they may be on a runway is essential to ensuring all of your audience are full engaged with your show. Failure to light evenly results in hot and cold spots of light which negatively impact on the quality of the apparels visibility and any photography or film work that may be taking place.

By using multiple incandescent light sources, evenly distributed and installed with respect for the venues architecture and placement of the catwalk itself, you can achieve the correct level of light distribution to ensure maximum effect and visibility of the fabrics.

Other fashion show production services

We offer a range of services for catwalk production meaning we are an end to end partner for production solutions. From custom built fashion show seating to bespoke catwalk design and full service production from design brief to installation and the show itself.

As experienced producers, who've worked with a myriad of top couture designers and renowned fashion shows of varying complexity all posing their own challenges, we've have plenty of opportunity to develop our technical and creative expertise for fashion show production.

Feel free to get in touch for advice and support through your production.


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