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Fashion Show Bench Hire & Design

Fashion shows require a specialist style of seating that is minimal and stylish. Often normal seating is fussy and visually distracting from the clothing and show of a fashion event taking away from the garments and visualisations which have been so meticulously planned in production.

This year we saw an unusually high demand for fashion show benches, so much so that our entire set-build facility was at maximum capacity for a week making 86 benches for the world famous London fashion show. With only one week to make the benches, the team worked swiftly and efficiently to successfully complete this work.

As is our commitment to your production, we'll work tirelessly to meet your design requirements, brief and budget to ensure the smooth running of your production.

In response to this need, SXS have designed and developed our own bespoke fashion seating system that is perfect for the needs of fashion show producers. These benches are used for retail fashion events as well as couture shows and are used at London Fashion Week almost every seasons.

Fashion show bench features

Here at SXS events we developed this design from initial concept right through to final production. Durable, easily transportable, stackable and aesthetically pleasing this benches are perfect for any high-end fashion event. Our benches have been made from solid pine throughout and feature the following features:

  • 8 foot reducing the unit numbers required
  • Can be painted in any colour of your choice
  • Due to the wooden construction they are fully refurbished before every use using resin filler, prior to sanding and repainting.
  • They are stackable and interlocking meaning they are easily transported and stored. This is often very useful for shows where the benches need to be setup and removed quickly
  • Their minimal aesthetic doesn't detract from the clothing
  • They can easily be bolted down when needed depending on the flooring type in situ
  • They are easily transported for installation in sets of ten
  • We designed and manufactured them in house which means we can make more as needed at short notice (we've made 86 in a week before)

See the full detail of our fashion show benches here:

Our experience

We have been providing production for London Fashion Week year on year since 2009, so no matter how technically demanding or extensive your show, we have the expertise and skill to produce your fashion show perfectly.

Please get in touch to discuss your fashion show requirements. We are very happy to help you even at the earliest stages in your planning. We are one of the UK's most experienced technical producers for fashion shows and work with leading retailers, couture designers and TV shows. We hope to hear from you soon!

Other applications

Although initially designed to meet the needs of fashion show producers, our benches are perfect for a variety of alternative applications. From conferences and presentations to exhibitions our custom built furniture offers a minimalistic and cutting edge solution to your event seating plans.

Please contact us to let us know what event you have planned, and we'll be more than happy to advise on a solution we hold within our extensive stock to assist with your production. Alternatively, our set and stage department can custom build a solution to suit your venue, audience and aesthetic perfectly.

Related services

As experienced fashion show producers, we have a wealth of services you can take advantage of for your show. Whether you require additional advice and design consultation on perfecting the lighting to make the most of your venue or require a custom catwalk build for your show, we offer an end to end solution for fashion producers to ensure your couture and experience leaves your consumers buzzing about your label or brand.

We've worked in some of the most exciting venues the UK and Europe has to offer, so can maximise a venue for the best impression and experience. Whether warehouse or shopping centre, we have the technical expertise, creativity and commitment to ensure your production is perfect.

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