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  • The Launch Of SXS TV

The Launch Of SXS TV

We have been working hard for some time now to produce a collection of video content that is informative, educational and interesting.

We are new publishing this through our You Tube channel we call "SXS TV". The content we share on this includes:

  • Explanatory videos - intended to give clients and partners basic training on technical concepts and equipment
  • Product videos - some of our unique and custom products and services are best explained in a short presentation, so we have produced these to show clients the finer details of these products
  • Behind the Scenes - our work means we access to unique and exciting behind-scenes environments. Where appropriate we can sometimes share videos of amazing places, timelapses and hyperlapses
  • Event videos - where appropriate and permitted we are sometimes able to share with the public what our events look like and the experience of being at one.
  • Tests, scamps and fun - when we are experimenting with new concepts we sometimes share the videos online to get the input and thoughts of our partners and collaborators

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