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  • Team Member Profile: Tim Curwen

Team Member Profile: Tim Curwen

Tim originally joined the SXS team as a placement student while studying music systems engineering in Huddersfield.  After graduation he joined the team to develop his technical skills across all disciplines.

Over the last few years has developed advanced skills in a number of technical disciplines as well project management, CAD, design and leadershipskills.  He is now a Project Handler managing some of our more intricate projects.

Why events?

I suppose it's the variety of hands on, practical work that makes working in events so special, it really is different every day. You could be setting up a small sound system for a conference one day and rigging in wembley the next.  My interest in events started when I was a kid - I've played in bands since I was in primary school, from there I became interested in sound, PA systems and lighting.

Before I was eighteen my band used to struggle to find paid gigs so I started running nights in a local bar whereby all the other local bands would come to play and their parents would pay to watch them. My band used to headline the night and I'd make a few quid in the side.

If you could change anything in the events business what would it be?

Generally speaking there's not a lot I would change in the events business on a personal level. I enjoy working working away and the long hours and I love the comradery of working with a fantastic team. I suppose only thing that I would possibly change is the eating habits of being on site. While I do love having a Ginsters pasty for lunch and a curry for dinner, once you've done that everyday for a week it soon becomes boring. Sometimes you just want proper home cooked good. So I guess I'm saying we need more cheesy beans on toast on site.

Where do you see SXS as a company in five years time?

I think in five years time SXS will be the go to company for any 'outside the box' creative and big experiential projects. We'll be THE guys to call when you have a bizarre concept or idea and want to make it happen.

What do you do outside work?

Outside of work I love being outdoors. I went to university in Huddersfield, which was only a few miles from the Yorkshire dales which is where I got really involved in caving, becoming president of the Uni caving society. There's not a lot cooler than abseiling down a waterfall 200m below the surface knowing only a handful of people have ever been there.

Cycling is another thing I really enjoy. Last year I spent 10 days cycling though the Swiss alps and I hope to do another tour through the later this year.

Most favourite part of the job?

I love working on a project from start to finish, seeing it grow from an idea into a full production is really satisfying. The job definitely has bragging rights - not everyone gets to see, do and work with some of the awesome stuff we do.

If you didn’t do event production what would you do?

I'd probably work in the post office - it seems like it would be a lot less stressful.

No, I'm not sure what I'd do. Besides similar things like commercial rigging and construction, I've always quite fancied the idea of being a paramedic. Driving around with the flashing lights on saving lives seems like it would be pretty rewarding.

Finally!  We move into the new premises