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  • SXS Make Major CSR Contribution

SXS Make Major CSR Contribution

We are super-proud to have become the headline corporate supporter for the “Warleigh Weir Project”. This project was setup to both allow the continued access to one of our region’s most famous beauty spots as well as promote the sustainable use of the countryside.

At SXS we are really aware of our relationship with the environment and the planet. Sadly a lot of what is done in events is not as sustainable as we would like. Sometimes there is substantial landfill created from our work too. In order to mitigate this we take a two-tiered approach:

  • 1. Reducing waste – this is done by encouraging and educating our clients to use most sustainable materials as well as re-using materials where possible. Indeed must of our premises has been constructed and decorated from ex-event materials.
  • 2. Making up for the damage that we do – this is why we are supporting the Warleigh Weir Project.

More information on the Warleigh Weir Project can be found here: www.warleighweir.co.uk

As part of the support deal SXS will use the site for testing of sustainable energy solutions. The project is also one where SXS staff can make their contributions to the community as part of the “SXS Good Programme”.

Warleigh Weir

Warleigh Weir