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  • SXS launches new website aimed at the dryhire market!

SXS launches new website aimed at the dryhire market!

We have launched a brand new website under the name "XHIRE" aimed at the dryhire market with live product inventory and an online account for clients to see vast amounts of information about upcoming jobs, kit lists and invoices!

The new XHIRE website is completely integrated with our internal process management software and updates the website live to any changes, it also has a my account section for new and existing clients to log on, once logged on they can see upcoming jobs, job state(Quote, Order etc), specific items on the job, invoices(Past & Previous) and also pay securely for an invoice.

All of the products on the website are available to hire from SXS, if you have an account you can also see realtime availability of our stock for a specific date

Technical products also have different downloads associated with them where you can download the manual or spec sheet

Come over and take a look at the new site and request an account with us!

Visit XHIRE site