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Superlative Safety

We have taken delivery of new motors which enable us to achieve D8+ status in certain applications. These hoists adhere to a higher safety standard with their double brake and 5:1 safety factor. The Liftket D8 is compact, can be used for climbing or standard suspension and has a precise chain guide which helps protect the chain from jamming.

Their double brakes means that in some applications they can be used as a D8+ hoist which means that static loads do not require a secondary suspension or redundant. This means an easier setup and mitigates some of the need to work at height to add safety devices at the completion of a build.

We opted for Liftket direct control units. Their profile is less which gives us an extra few inches of height which can make a big difference on some of our more complex productions. Direct control is also good as it means that the motors are as simple as possible and easy to set up.

These new hoists are used for holding equipment such as LED screen, lighting, audio and structures overhead, often above large audiences. We have opted for the 1000kg hoist but they can be used with a double fall chain for heavier loads.