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  • See-through Swimming Pool Dancefloor

See-through Swimming Pool Dancefloor

One of the unusual events we did over summer was building a large see-through dance floor over a swimming pool. While we are experienced in constructing underwater structures, this was the first time that the entire floor was transparent and wrapped in LED video wall.

The brief was to create an incredible nightclub space in the basement of a private residence in London where the client was keen to for the guests to see the pool in the dancing area. In addition the client wanted to make a memorable and engaging space for their party.

Covered swimming pool dancefloor and stage

The structure was built using an aluminium frame structure with polycarbonate sheeting. We erected the structure using SCUBA diving equipment within a stringent safety program. We also provided a Martin Audio sound system, our Lumio LED video wall system and extensive dance floor lighting. In addition to this we fabricated some custom low-voltage LED batten lights to go under the structure - needless to say that high voltage equipment and swimming pools are best kept away from each other.

Trained scuba divers used to build underwater structure for danceloor. Clear perspex flooring can be used.

In order to draw attention to the pool and Jacuzzi we also provided custom pumping and pipework equipment to both ripple the water surface and make a water fountain. The event was one of the most visually interesting productions we have designed and it created an incredible centrepiece for this exclusive party, so much so that the client kept the equipment in-situ for another event a month later.

Covered swimming pool dancefloor at night with stage and event lighting

Finally!  We move into the new premises