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New Recruitment

So you want to meet our newest member of the team?

When it comes to recruitment, SXS have come up with 3 areas we look for in a successful candidate:

  1. Putting commitment at the forefront of the job. We need new members who are completely dedicated to helping in all areas of the job, from solving problems on site to keeping the warehouse back at SXS HQ in fit condition for product testing and job preparation.
  2. Know everything about something and something about everything.The skills you bring to the company will help define the kinds of role we give you on jobs. Your experience and ability to learn sets you apart from other candidates, so tell us what you can do.
  3. Adaptation is key: the events business is fast-paced and constantly changing due to technical advances and client expectations. We like to meet like-minded individuals who have a strong work ethic and enjoy the versatile nature of the industry.

But who did SXS last recruit?

We’re glad you asked!
Meet Bob, our new Dyson 360 robot employee. Bobsplits his time across our multiple warehouses, clearing walkways and polishing the silverware.

 Bob Dyson 360 - New Team Member

If you’re interested in working with the team at SXS then send your CV over to recruitment@sxsevents.co.uk