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SXS Goes Wireless

2017 has been the year of wireless for SXS.  While wireless and battery technology has been around for some time, this year has seen the technology get to a level of reliability  and compatibility that has motived us to invest heavily.

The benefits of wireless sound and lighting equipment include:

  • Neater – cables often create a challenge when achieving immaculate aesthetics is important.  Wireless equipment has no cabling whatsoever
  • Quicker – generally speaking over half setup time is used to setup and tidy cables.  Without this time-drain entire productions are setup quicker
  • Safer – cables can present risks of trip hazards and, by removing them altogether, events become much safer environments
  • Creative flexibility – often the need for cabling and associated infrastructure limits creative outputs.  By getting rid of cables we can put equipment in places that was not previously as easy, or even possible
  • Cost Saving – the time savings of not installing cable mean we can deliver better production within client budgets

We are also part-way through development of an innovative industrial battery solution that mitigates the use of generators and the burning of hydrocarbons.   We aim to launch this for the summer 2018 season.

Our new stocks of wireless equipment include:

Wireless, battery-power uplighters – Chauvet WellFits

These take their power from an onboard battery and accept control signals (DMX) via wireless transmission.   We have the largest stock of these in the UK which are all held in charger cases. Learn more >

Wireless, battery powered “Light drops” – Astera AX3

These units are around the size of an ice-hockey puck and can be used as small uplighters. They accept wireless DMX signals. Where we find them best is for table centres and subtle feature lighting. Learn more >

Wireless, battery powered speakers - Sennheiser LSP500

These speakers are powered by a pair of on-board Li-Ion batteries and take their audio signal from standard professional Sennheiser radio transmission equipment. Learn more >

Wireless DMX controlled moving heads

Having invested in Chauvet Maverick Hybrid moving heads (the latest moving head technology available) we can now accept wireless DMX directly into fixtures.  Better still these fixtures then also re-transmit conventional wired-DMX which allows traditional moving heads to get their signal from the Mavericks. Retro-fit WDMX units allow conventional equipment to accept wireless signals.