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  • Introducing Solcell

Introducing Solcell

Knowledge is Power? In the events industry, power is an essential conversation to have with every client and venue management team. And we’ve decided it’s time for us to take charge. 

More and more now we’re seeing clients are interested in their carbon footprint – especially on outdoor sites where the usual choice for electricity is from noisy, dirty diesel generators.Whether it’s a full scale production that requires elements from all our departments or whether a client requires a simple lighting solution to compliment an exhibition stand - power will always be a required component to make any job a reality. Because of this, SXS have decided to researcha new effective way to store and utilise our own power source when on site.

So, what have the technicians at SXS come up with?

Well, for a start, we’ve given it a name: Solcell. 
Don’t be phased by the name,Solcell is a compact, handmade flightcase made up of a large battery bank, a solar inverter, some colourful-looking cables and a 32A single phase outlet.
This new product is being tested in our warehouse as we type, and will soon be ready to go out into the field, and power some of our major events later this year. Its sleek design paired with our extensive research into stored battery power, means we can offer a more economic and environmentally-friendly solution to powering your event.

Watt a great idea, right? Learn more about SolCell here >>

If you’re interested in finding out more on our new Solcellproject, please contact Johnny at johnny@sxsevents.co.uk