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  • Featured Team Member: James McDonough

Featured Team Member: James McDonough

Tell us, James, why events?

I've always had a passion for live events. At the age of 14 I started promoting metal bands at the local rock bar in my home town of Taunton. Then progressed to running successful bi-monthly nights in various clubs for a number of years. I moved to Bristol 5 years ago and became highly involved in the underground music scene here and continued with putting on my own events. Through this I started hiring gear from SXS which in turn led to full time employment.

If you could change anything in the events business what would it be?

Would love plently of lead time from clients on each job! But as I think we all know in the industry this is very rarely possible.

Where do you see SXS as a company in five years time?

I think if the company keeps growing at the rate I have seen in the last 18 months I can see us with an office of 10+ project handlers all producing more & more large custom build jobs & arena sized events.

Favourite part of the job?

Project managing large award type shows, or running out 16a cable in a field somewhere in the sun!

If you didn't do event production what would you do?

As i'm a qualified electrician I would probably be back working for myself running a domestic & commercial electrical contractors. Before I joined SXS I was running a Bristol based electrical firm. Whilst I enjoyed the work, after 7 years in the construction industry I decieded to "follow my dream" and start working in events full time.

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