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  • Custom Set Build for International Conference

Custom Set Build for International Conference

At the end of this summer a client decided to get us as part of their team to work on a Pharmaceutical Conference in Portugal.

Complete AV, decor, lighting and furniture was provided for the week-long conference, team build and party event.  In particular we built a fully customised set for the project.  Traditional "flattage" was a little plain for the project and, as such, we were required to manufacture large rolled-aluminium perforated tubes.  Internally lit using discreet LED strip lighting, these gave a cool, smooth and industrial feel to the set.

Utilising 16:9 aspect ratio ensured that the set adhered to the golden ratio of visual design.

We welcome commissions to construct more custom sets in the future.  As we have access to wood, metal and plastic working facilities we can create a full range of set solutions to your specification.  We also hold previous custom designs in stock which can be used in part or full as part of newer designs.