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  • Cinema in the Caves

Cinema in the Caves

We went back to our roots and worked with a local film company to create an immersive and visually stimulating event.

We have worked with Bristol Film Festival for a few years in a row, mainly on their high experience-driven cinema nights at the Redcliffe Caves in Bristol.

In the past we have used metal grates, hidden lighting and haze to create a spooky environment for Bristol Film Fest’s Halloween weekend. This time round we went for a World War 2 bunker feel, with festoon lighting guiding the audience members from the Army-style tent at the cave entrance, to the main chamber where the films were viewed. The steel grates still made an appearance in the small corners of the caves, adding to the ambiance of the bunker theme.

Cinema in the Caves

With a venue so temperamental like the caves, it’s a great training ground for our placement students as it gives them a taste of a gritty working environment that doesn’t have natural light, has water running throughout and is cold. Getting power and light running throughout the space is our first port of call, and then important details such as the sound and décor are added in afterwards. Despite the working conditions, the technician team at SXS always finish to a high standard.

If you have an event you’re planning and want to utilise a kooky space like the caves in Redcliffe, give us a call on 0333 022 0171 to talk to a member of our sales team.