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  • A see-through dancefloor, over a swimming pool

A see-through dancefloor, over a swimming pool

We were recently instructed to construct a dancefloor over a client's private swimming pool. Whilst we have built many hundreds of stages, building one over a swimming pool was a new challenge for us.

So as to remind the guests of what they were dancing on, a structural see-through panel was installed. As the pool was to be used the morning after the party, it was not possible to empty it of water. As such, our rigging crew had to work underwater for prolonged periods.

Safety was managed by project manager Johnny Palmer. "This project presented plenty of unique and unusual risks. By discussing the projects with our most experienced staff we managed to identify and remove most of the risks of the project associated with underwater working and the structure's integrity."

"The part that I found the most interesting was the see-through section. It was necessary that guests could walk over this, which meant using a transparent, lightweight, structural material. I opted for a 20mm polycarbonate for this.  LED lighting illuminated the pool beautifully"

We welcome any such projects in the future.

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