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Audio Department

We have been passionate about sound reinforcement from our earliest days. For his twelfth birthday the company founder wanted nothing but a copy of Yamaha's "Sound Reinforcement Handbook". This raw, child-like enthusiasm still exists to this day and we now take pride in delivering high-quality, well-designed sound reinforcement solutions to a wide range of events.

Our Sound Department is headed by Alex Thompson. Alex started with SXS as a placement student, while doing his Bachelor's degree in Music Systems Engineering in Bristol. Alex was passionate about sound well before this and spent much of his teenage years studying and playing with sound equipment.

"It is sound that got me into this work, and keeps me here. I really enjoy the feeling of mixing a band to a happy crowd. The mixture of technology, creativitiy and working with people makes the job of a sound engineer forever changing and inspiring."

In recent years we have invested in some of the latest digitial sound desks, highly specialised microphones and have also invented some of our own equipment that perfectly fulfill our unique needs.

Like any groups of passionate professionals, our approach is underpinned by clear culture beliefs:

  • In all applications, clarity is more important than volume
  • Sound is a 'hygiene factor' in production design - do it poorly and everyone at an event will notice. Do it well and people won't notice there is any reinforcement at all.
  • We are aware of the innate aesthetic problems of audio equipment in high-end event spaces and work hard to find ways of minimising them.
  • A sound reinforcement system as only as good as its weakest link, and we always strive to improve on performance by negating weak links.

In our history we have provided sound for projects ranging from small conferences, to beach-bars, to stadium concerts. Our experience and technical skills mean we can approach any project with enthusiasm and competentcy; allowing us to fulfill a brief to a high standard.


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