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Knowledge Centre

This page has been setup as a central list of knowledge sources to help people develop knowledge and skills.

Please note that no single source of information should be deemed to be definitive. Always keep learning, and always keep gaining experience!


  • Aspect Ratio - A Wiki article which gives a thorough and correct set of info
  • Screen Resolution - A table of all screen resolutions and their names
  • RGBHV / VGA Explained - A wiki article that explains the elusive video format that we all use, but is little understood.
  • DVI Explained - the even more elusive video connector that carries a range of different signals, but not always all, and sometimes only one. Dont follow? Read the article.
  • Video Signals - Quick and Dirty Guide - a good overview of video signals etc
  • Barco Projectors - See here on how to use these monsters properly.
  • DLP Explained - Info on how the DLP chips in projectors like our R8s work.


Graphics & Design


  • Litex QX30s load charts - This is our stock truss and we have around 200m of it.
  • Litec QX30 load charts - This is older version of our stock.
  • Litec QX40s load charts - This is our heavy-duty truss and we own 20m of it, but can get more if a job merits it.
  • Litec QD30 load charts - This is compatible with QX30s, but we dont own any.
  • Truss - A general article about truss, how they work and where else you see them.
  • PA Tower - Structural Report for our PA Towers. Note they are good for 400Kg of speakers to a height of 9m, as long as the speaker surface is less than 4 square metres and 200Kg of ballast is on each leg.
  • Temporary Demountable Structures - The definitive guide to outdoor structures for events.
  • Genie Superlift Manual - The manual for this seemingly simple piece of kit, which isnt.


  • Allen heath iLive Manuals & Documents - The documentattion for our digital mixing desks.
  • Line Array - A simple overview, bet you never know these were invented in the 50s!
  • More Line Array - A more in depth explanation.
  • Martin W8L Series Manual - a very good overview of Line Array usage and application.
  • The Sound Reinforcement Handbook - the bible of sound practice and theory.  I (Johnny) read this at 12 and is still the foundation of everything I know about sound. If you have the contents of this book in your head you will be more knowledge than any graduate as well as about 95% of the "professional" sound engineers I interview for jobs.



  • Extrusion - Eh? Read it and you will realise it is more relevant to us than you thought!
  • Steel Rolling - If you enjoyed the extrusion article, you will like this one even more.
  • Beaufort Scale - All about wind.



Computers & Data Management

People Skills & Communication


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