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What is a "Rider"?

A rider is a document that a band, musician or other performer will send over to the booker relating to their requirements for performance.

Most performers will have certain essential items that they need the booker to provide in order to do their job to the best possible standard. A rider states these requirements. A rider will usually cover areas such as stage size, technical requirements, food, drink etc.

While riders should be a list of reasonable and essential items, some performers ask for things that are excessive, wasteful or overly demanding. It is difficult to know if demands are excessive. If you are booking a semi-professional solo performer and they want a three-course meal for four, six cases of beer, four bottles of scotch and several hotel rooms they are being unreasonable!

Larger and international touring artists will have significantly larger riders.  As a rule, it is best to assume that if your chosen artist is a big-name, then their rider requirements are probably there for a good reason.

On events that we are providing to, we will always speak to the artist's manager to establish what their exact requirements are. When done in the right manner, most performers are flexible and willing to work within any limitations your event has.

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