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Motor Hoists

Motor hoists allow us to lift structures and equipment safely, quickly and evenly.

Why lift equipment?

A lot of equipment works best at height. Overhead lighting allows for the correct beam angles. Flown video projectors allow for projection where obstructions may normally exist. Flown sound often allows for perfect audio coverage over a large audience area. Also, by hanging equipment overhead we are not using valuable floor space.

How high can equipment go?

This is typically dependant on the venue as we can work to heights of up to 30m.

How much weight can be hung?

This is limited by the number and load capacity of the points (position from which we can attach rigging equipment) in the venue. It is also dependant on how the load of equipment is spread across a given structure, but this is less of an issue than the points in a venue.

Can you always hang equipment?

Yes. It is best if a venue has rigging points installed. But if these are not available we can use a ground support structure. With a ground support we build a structure that has legs; thereby transferring the load of the overhead equipment onto the floor of the venue.

Are hoists safe?

Yes, as long as they are used properly. All our rigging equipment goes through rigorous annual load and safety checks, as per LOLA regulations.  In addition to this we do visual checks on every job that we do. To ensure all hoists and rigging activities are safe many factors must be considered including load ratings, possible dynamic loads, ancillary loads, wind loads, heat, access needs and many others.

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