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  • Live Music Guidance For Clients

Live Music Guidance For Clients

This document outlines the technical information required by SXS Events for any event that involves the use of a 'Live Music Performance' package/system.

It also provides information for clients about what we require from them/the event.

Information required when bands are performing

  • For each band we require a complete list of all band members and what instruments will be used in the performance. An instrument can be defined as anything that will require a microphone or line input into the mixing desk. This includes singers.
  • We need to know what medium any backing tracks will be provided on, for example, CD, MiniDisk, iPod.

Notes for clients/organisers

  • Please factor in change over times for performers when organising an event. This is particularly important when bands are performing. As a general rule a 15 minute change over between bands is our minimum requirement. Larger bands with more demanding requirement may require more time than this.

Why we need the above information

  • This information is key as is allows us to provide the correct microphones, cables and quantity of microphones for the band. It also allows us to make sure that power is supplied to the correct places on stage for instruments such as keyboards and guitar amps. This information is key for providing a smooth running show as it allows our sound engineers to plan change overs and channel listings for mixing the sound. Without this information change overs can take over 3 times as long and in some circumstances sound quality of the event can suffer due to poor planning.
  • Knowing the above information will allow us to provide an accurate quote including correct crew quantities and kit that will result in a smooth running show, happy performers/artists and more importantly, satisfied audience/guests. SXS Events cannot be held responsible for poor sound quality and acts being unable to perform due to time restraints caused by poor planning and unrealistic change over times. It is the clients responsibility to provide this information prior to the event unless the client has specifically requested SXS to carry out this work on their behalf at additional cost. Please speak to your account manager to discuss rates for stage management

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