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  • ‘It’s a Jungle Out There’; surviving competition through AV

‘It’s a Jungle Out There’; surviving competition through AV

Are you tired of not being heard? The world of marketing is a complex one, ever evolving, with changing tactics rendering even the most seasoned marketer or BDM slightly confused as to what can work most effectively for their business. Simply put, most businesses are striving to generate revenue and acquire new customers but in today’s world, consumers are bombarded with multiple intrusive marketing messages on a daily basis despite new GDPR legislation and as such the effectiveness of traditional push-advertising is declining.

We could even be brave enough to venture that online social channels such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram may too have their day despite the boom which saw corporate giants through to SME’s turn to social networking from traditional advertising models.

Whichever way you turn, it is a jungle out there and is becoming much more difficult for businesses to get heard or noticed over today’s background noise. People have learnt to ignore the distracting content that surrounds them. Plus, with click bait being a well-known trait or tactic by content creators to entice its reader to click on the link only to be bombarded with irrelevant context, this worsens the problem.

One thing we as humans will always need and remains fool-proof however, is that we crave attention and a personalised approach and creating dialogue between brand and potential consumer is something an unidirectional advert cannot achieve quite like basic human interaction can. Therefore, attendance, sponsorship, involvement in events is a sure way to reach specific audiences and build long lasting relationships.

Statistically, 72% of consumers view brands who provide quality event experiences positively, and 74% of respondents admit that engaging with brands that create memorable moments makes them much more likely to buy their products or sign on the dotted line for their services. Event involvement and sponsorship is a great way to demonstrate your authority and thought leadership as an industry expert as well as gaining credibility, relevance and respect. It is also a much more organic and less intrusive form of marketing.

Naturally, we at SXS think production of said events is as paramount to its success as the delegation, the content and format. However, the jungle analogy still applies to a crowded events marketplace. So how do you survive your competition and take your event to the next level? You’d be surprised quite how much event production can contribute to this;

  1. LED Wall. Consider using LED wall as opposed to screen and projection. This demonstrates you are at the forefront of presentation technology and quality is incomparable. Look into the possibility of multiple screens throughout the venue to help consistently but subtly share your sponsors message across the event. Digital wayfinders and signage if you are operating an exhibition or large event space and even information touch screens in networking and breakout areas. Digital screenage helps to achieve more effective and noticeable logo placement than traditional print banners.

  2. Interactive Opportunities. Investigate interactive opportunities on site – provide the opportunity for attendees to win valuable and relevant sponsored prizes. Look into AR and VR to provide virtual reality experiences for guests. This is current and exciting and a tool easily adaptable to work with many products, services and even venues for example. Interactive gamification is also a great way to engage attendees in a spot of healthy competition!

  3. Photo Booths. Something becoming ever more common at parties, weddings and private social events but less so in the corporate world is photo booths. Open a further revenue stream by offering a sponsored branded photo booth or station. Include your event hashtag or handle for optimal visibility when shared across both yours and their social media platforms.

  4. Event App. Explore the opportunity in-house or appoint an external developer to create an event app. Provide a self-service registration option to free up your staffing resource to attend to more pressing logistical or customer care tasks. Provide the ability for attendees to download content from on site. If your event includes 121 meetings, have an individual login and schedule complete with push notifications so they know where they need to be at what time and a timetable of events. You’d be surprised by the range of suitable apps to fit most budgets.

  5. Make Life Easy! Here at SXS, we like to make things as straightforward as possible. That’s why we provide our customers with a portal offering complete visibility. Our dry hire website ‘X Hire’ allows you to quickly add or remove products as and when required and updates us this end so we can do the fiddly things for you!

  6. Audience Response Systems. Live polling and Q&A sessions where results are displayed on big screens around your venue. Audience response systems could tackle trending issues or topics thought up as a result of content seen or heard on-site. Perhaps build this into social media or your app (if applicable) for users to get involved.

  7. Set Your Presentation on Fire! SXS has created an advance suite of methods to deliver content in a more immersive and engaging manner, meet ‘Immersitech.’ All too often presentations are done with the use of standard video screen and presenter paraphrasing slides. We can create experiences that will shake up your audience and keep them thoroughly engaged with your content simply by being a bit more immersive. Think 3D mapped projection, surround sound, wind effects, radiative heat, rain and mist, vibrations, scent and aromas, 360° video rooms……check it out here https://www.sxsevents.co.uk/services/immersitech

  8. Entertainment. Invest in relevant, innovative and high-end event entertainment. Whilst stand-up comedians can be an effective go-to option, the entertainment you decide to showcase at your event can make or break the experience of your attendees. If the entertainment falls flat, at worst your attendees will question whether the event is worth their time. On the other hand, if your entertainment is a hit it will keep them talking about the event well after it’s over. Focus on immersive experiences, even escape rooms which are all the rage right now, visual artists, Tibots, drone shows, holography to name a few. Whilst not all is possible on every budget, it’s worth significant investigation.

  9. Big Screen. Encourage attendees to get seen on the big screen, by showcasing progress or results of aforementioned interactive stations, or polling or even just social media posts. This promotes share-ability and further networking as well as added sponsor branding opportunity.

  10. Live Streaming. Live streaming is a fantastic way to involve those who simply couldn’t make it to your event this time. That doesn’t mean to say they won’t next time though! Where permissions allow, stream live your main presentations from your event as well as interviews and behind the scenes footage. Beware the privacy and NDA minefield with this however!

Conclusion: Event sponsors are always looking to increase their exposure wherever possible, so take the opportunity and utilise your AV and tech team as an extension of your own. With a little creative thinking you will retain your valuable stakeholders, win more, and your event can be the ‘the talk of the town.’


If you are keen to talk through your next project, gain new ideas and concepts then please contact Rosy on 0333 022 0171.

Good Luck, from Team SXS!



About the author; Rosy, our Business Development Manager joined the SXS team in May 2018 bringing with her a wealth of commercial events experience through roles in Sales, Project Management, Account Director and BDM. From your initial meeting with us, through the event development process and delivery, right up to the final wash-up, Rosy’s primary directive is to make sure all of your needs are met, and the team are still heading towards your original vision. 





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