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  • Choosing the Correct Outdoor Stage

Choosing the Correct Outdoor Stage

How big should my outdoor stage be?

When choosing the outdoor stage for your event, size is possibly the most important factor. Many event organisers want to have a large stage, while other organisers need a stage to fit in a limited setup area. Ask yourself two questions:

  • 1. How big do I want the stage to look?
  • 2. How much stage space do I want?

If you are having a DJ performance, presentation, or demonstration on the stage you may want to the stage to look very large, but do not need much stage space. If this is the case, we can build structures that are very large in appearance and have plenty of space for banners, graphics, and screens. We can also make the stage very wide (left to right as you look at it), but not very deep (from front to back).

If you are having a large band, large set, or need space for vehicles etc, you will need a large stage surface. In this case we would advise that you speak to us about the necessary size for your onstage activities, and let the size of the overhead structure be determined by the stage area.

What is the best style of stage?

There are a range of stage styles including orbit stages, arched roof stages, gabled structures and pyramids.

The best style of stage is very much down to your personal preferences and the objective of the event. For example, if the stage is to offer functional weather covering for equipment etc. the decision may be an economical one as appearance may not be the critical factor.

Whereas if your event is for an operatic performance in the grounds of a stately home, it is likely that aesthetics are key. In these cases we would encourage you to choose a structure that looks beautiful in its surroundings. For such an application we may aim to delineate the rigging, soften the edges and dress the structure in fabrics that suit the style of the occasion.

Can stages withstand bad weather?

Absolutely. Our outdoor structures are built to withstand some of the harshest conditions that can be experienced in the UK and overseas. We consider each setup area seperately to as to best establish the style of rigging and safety precautions required for a given site.

Can the stage be customised for my event?

Absolutely. While we offer several standard packages, these are all constructed from 'off the shelf' elements. We can easily change layouts and styles of structures to suit the requirements of jobs. In the past we have made stages with provision for video screen rigging, overhead circus performance or to look as though they have giant horns!

Do you provide sound, lighting and dressing for the Outdoor Stages?

Yes. We are a complete production provider. We have in stock a full range of sound, lighting, video projection, rigging, decor and drapery equipment. Our experienced designers will put together a package that suits your event's objectives, your site and your budget.


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