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Asian Wedding Advice

Re-creating a venue with the use of drapery and lighting can be the perfect way to make the wedding venue totally unique to your special day - a look and atmosphere that will never be created in the same way again.

Reasons for Lighting, Drapes and Décor

Reason 1 - Venue Size and type

Most of our Asian wedding clients struggle to find a venue that is both beautiful and able to cope with a large volume of guests. In larger venues the décor needs to be on a larger scale in order to create a strong visual impact. Using the latest lighting and draping techniques we are able to transform unattractive halls into beautiful and impressive venues that are entirely based on your vision and the atmosphere you want to create. For example in a sports hall you may wish to hide the walls with tall drapes which we can illuminate with uplighters. We could then wash the roof in attractive colours that suit your theme or use a fairy light canopy to lower the roof for increased intimacy.

Reason 2 - Atmosphere (importance of lighting and surroundings)

When guests walk into a room there are three things that will determine the atmosphere of the room and therefore the mood of the party. These are: temperature, lighting and scent. Most venues' house lighting is very washed out and bright which is not ideal for creating any kind of atmosphere. We can create intimate dining lighting such as table pin spots which will illuminate each individual table. The added benefit of this that the sharp beams of light will pick out the centrepieces and make them glow.

Reason 3 - Value for money

With larger venues the costs associated with traditional décor such as flower arrangements can be astronomical. In addition delicate and intricate designs are dwarfed by the size of the room and will often not be noticed. By using impressive decorative lighting your guests will take home a real wow-factor from your wedding without noticing that you may have scrimped on the chair covers for example. The cost of decorative drapery and lighting is surprisingly low relative to the stunning effects that you can create. There is no better way to make your wedding look expensive and luxurious without spending a fortune!

Case Studies


Like many of our Asian wedding clients Kam was faced with the difficult challenge of dressing a very large venue, "I wanted it to look spectacular with rich vibrant colours - I loved the high ceiling but it made the room feel a bit cold."

To emphasise the high ceiling we washed the roof with warm tones that would reflect back down onto the tables. The effect was to create a flattering ambient glow on the tables which everyone commented on. To complete the look we shone uplighters up the tall pillars that ran down the length of the room - a feature Kam wanted to emphasise. Kam loved the lighting - "It truly exceeded my expectations and made the room look wonderful - I have had so many people call and ask me who did it for me since then."


Rani was having her wedding in a marquee and wanted to create a beautiful wow-factor for guests instead of the bland and traditional white linings. Using starcloth we could create a night's sky effect in the roof of the tent which made the whole marquee feel magical. We then used roof wash lighting to create the tones which bathed the room in an attractive red glow. "The whole marquee was so beautiful and exactly as I imagined it. The twinkling lights in the roof were perfect for my fairytale wedding."


Jetal wanted to make the dining area of her marquee as atmospheric as possible. "Having spent a fortune on my flower arrangements I wanted to make sure that everyone noticed how beautiful they were!" We recommended using table pinspot lighting where individual tables are illuminated by beams of soft light from the roof. In Jetal's case we also added some roof wash lighting in blues to contrast with the ambient tones created by the pinspots illuminating the red tablecloths.


Amarjit wanted a backdrop for her head table which she wanted to be stylish and elegant but not too over the top. We were already running black-out drapery around the room to create a blank canvas for lighting so we suggested using some rich red drapes hung in long sashes behind the head table. We then used some uplighters to highlight the folds and deep red colour of the drapes. "The overall effect was exactly what I wanted. It was a great backdrop for photos but did not make me feel like I was on a theatre set."

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