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Explanatory Articles

Some helpful articles to explain the technical aspects of events.

Over time our team have written many articles to explain aspects of how to best run an event, or how certain technical aspects of production work. Most of these articles are also available on Google +

Please see these below:

10+1 ways to make your event more sustainable

We look at ways of making your event do less damage to the environment.

Advice on Stage Heights >>

Some general advice on stage heights including consideration for sight-lines, safety and access routes.

What are Comfort Monitors? >>

Explaining what Comfort Monitors are, why we use them, and what types are available.

Power Distribution for Events - The Basics >>

This article will give clients and Event Managers a basic headline understanding of power distribution at events.

6 Types of Video Screens >>

This article explains the differences between the various types of video display available to the event market.

Event Flooring Explained >>

An article explaining the main types of event flooring and the considerations in their use.

Noise Reduction & Sound Proofing Explained >>

An article about the basic principles, techniques and limitations of noise reduction for live events.

Stage & Performer Management >>

This article has been written to help you learn the basic principles of stage management, learn some techniques, and understand some common mistakes.

'Headsets' Explained >>

Many people use this phrase with a high risk of mis-understanding. We have written this article to clarify all seven different items that could be called 'headsets'.

Delay Sound Explained >>

An article about delayed sound and how it relates to system design and system management.

HD Vision Mixing & Formats >>

An article that covers the basic ideas of HD video and HD formats.

Active, Passive & Bi-Amped Explained >>

An article explaining the correct meaning of these often incorrectly used phrases.

Gobos Explained >>

Written by Johnny Palmer to explain to clients what a gobo is and how it works.

How to Write a Creative Brief >>

A simple article about briefs and tenders. Very useful for those looking to find contractors or procure creative services.

What is a Rider? >>

Written by Johnny Palmer in 2008 to explain to student ball committees what these are, and how to work with them. A variation of this is published on Wikipedia.

Effective Email Management >>

What can we all do, no matter how small, to reduce our email volumes?

Power Point >>

Johnny's guide on how to use (and not to use) Powerpoint.

LED, Incandescent, or Discharge? >>

An article relating to three main types of light sources and the pros and cons of each.

Wedding Decor on a Budget >>

Advice to clients who wish to do their own decor for their wedding.

Rigging Overview >>

This article gives a basic and general overview on rigging, written as a beginner's guide.

Rigging Points Explained Article >>

This article was writtent to explain to clients what rigging points are and how they affect Event Managers.

Rigging Plots Explained >>

Rigging plots are critical part of any production design and this article explains what they are and how they are useful.

Choosing the Correct Outdoor Stage >>

Advice on how to choose the right outdoor stage and structure for your event.

Details about water screens >>

Further reading on the finer details of our water screens.

Event Budgets >>

Written by Johnny Palmer as guidance notes to clients in the middle of the recession; for events happening but on challenging budgets.

Asian Wedding Advice >>

Advice for clients having weddings with guest number over 500, which are often Asian weddings for Hindu, Muslim and Sikh families. Cathy Shay is one of the UKs leading wedding designers and employed by SXS to deal with high-end and large scale weddings.

3D Projection Explained >>

An article written by Johnny Palmer explaining elusive projection techniques.

4D Projection Explained >>

An article written by Johnny Palmer explaining elusive projection techniques.

How To Get Into Events >>

An article with advice on getting into the events industry written by Johnny Palmer.

How to Produce a Conference >>

Advice on how to produce conferences by Johnny Palmer.

How to Produce a Live Event >>

This article looks at the roles of a production team as well as the main dos and donts for show producing.

CO2 Cannons >>

CO2 Cannons explained - effects, control and health and safety.

Student Ball Advice >>

An article written by Johnny Palmer for student ball committees - covering common mistakes and giving some general advice.

Choosing the Right Screen for Event Use >>

This articles highlight the pros and cons of different screen types, including: LED, plasma and projection.

Using Your Own Laptop >>

What to do and what not to do when using your own laptop at an event.

Raising Money at Charity Events >>

In this time SXS has seen a surprisingly wide range of fundraising methods, a selection of which this article will share with you.

Dry Ice, Smoke, Low Fogg and Co2 Debunked >>

As with many of my articles I am again aiming to de-bunk common mis-understandings of different production concepts.

An Introduction to Motor Hoists >>

Motor hoists allow us to lift structures and equipment safely, quickly and evenly. Find out more about the kind of equipment we use and it's safe operation.

Meeting Conduct >>

Don't waste yours or anybody elses time, learn how to run smooth and efficient meetings where everyone finished up feeling confident and happy


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