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Succeeding at SXS

This page is to give you information on how to succeed in your role at SXS.

We want the best for all staff and to help them:

  • Fulfill their potential
  • Pursue their areas of interest and talent
  • Fit in well with the team
  • Enjoy their work and find it inspiring
  • Become a major contributor to the company's values
  • Pass their probation
  • Understand the company culture and work within its process.

As every company is different, we want to highlight the key things that you will need to do at SXS to do well.

This list applies to all staff and freelancers at all levels of responsibility and experience.

Professionalism - The basics

It has always surprised me how people focuss on trying to make a mark and impress others, without getting the basics right first. Not doing the basics of professionalism are obvious to everyone and completely halt any kind of career progression. See this list below:

  • Punctuality - never arrive to anything late. Always be early. If you are going to be late, always phone ahead to those affected.
  • Personal hygiene - no matter what is going on, always make sure you wear clean clothing and wash every day, and before every shift
  • Meeting Deadlines - if you are given a job to do within a deadline you must finish it on time. If you cannot for any reason, speak to those involved as soon as you see a problem, so as to work around it
  • Seeing tasks through to the end - never leave a job half done, take it on yourself to finish it. Speak to those who can help if you are having a problem
  • Safety Equipment - never try and get away with not wearing the right footwear, head-wear, eyewear etc. It will be noticed.
  • Steel-capped shoes - for people who work in the warehouse or onsite, every minute you are getting paid by the company you need to be wearing your steelies.

The "Crew Pool" and your position

The "crew pool" is the list of all the people that we use as crew and technicians for our events. In essence this is a list of people from which we allocate to jobs.

Your position on this list is determined by how well you do all the things outlined in this document.

Your position on the list will also determine the quality of jobs you are allocated to, and the level of responsibility you are given.

Every time logistics considers who to allocate to jobs, the list is considered and who has shown the most professionalism and reliability to the company. If you want to get the best work, and the most responsibility, and be in line for promotion, you need to be high up the list.

The following are things that will get you pushed straight to the bottom of the list:

  • Lateness
  • Going back on agreed times/dates of work
  • Rudeness to colleagues.


We encourage a positive state of mind in the company. It makes everyone enjoy their work and keeps people happy. Of course there are always things that we need to improve on and we also encourage constructive suggestions for improvement. As such if you have something you want to voice we ask that any criticisms etc are started by stating the issue, then why it needs fixing, followed by a suggestion for improvement.


  • A job sheet is not complete: "This job sheet is not complete, I need to know what kit is needed. Perhaps I could discuss the event with the project manager to find out what is needed"
  • A piece of equipment is in disrepair: "This piece of equipment is messy and I think our kit needs to look good to maintain our reputation. I would like to allocate some time to cleaning it and also to make sure we always have spare cleaning products on-hand"
  • Think of your own....

Make Everyone Else's Life Easier

We all need to work as a team. No one works alone. All of our jobs overlap with other peoples. So wherever you can, do what you can to help your colleagues.

  • Getting back from an event - unload the van now rather than leave it for tomorrow's staff
  • Tidying up - tidy other areas of mess at the same time, even if you didn't create it
  • Seeing a problem emerging that might not affect you - resolve it now before it becomes a major issue
  • Making tea - offer everyone else a cup
  • If you see someone stressed or overloaded with work - ask them what you can do to help
  • If you have spare time - look around for who looks busiest and offer to help
  • Think of your own....

Be Committed to Learning

True professionalism is defined by many as having a commitment to self-improvement and learning. You can only be the best at what you do by learning as much as possible. We can only be the best company by our staff always improving. The learning of one staff member will spread to the next. Take the following advice:

  • If you don't know about something ask: all staff at SXS will be happy to explain a concept or technique to you, just make sure you ask the right time (whilst driving, taking a tea break etc.), so that they have time to explain it to you properly.
  • If you are interested, learn about it: if there is one aspect of your work you find interesting, do research on it beyond the knowledge and skills level in the company. The internet has incredible amounts of info on all subject matter. Wikipedia is a good starting point for an overview.
  • Learning is not just for work time: if you really want to take things further in your work and career, you will need to be learning in your own time. Again, use the internet as a starting point.
  • Take it further: don't rely on the knowledge-base in the company. For us to grow we need each person to extend the knowledge we hold, so keep reading.

If there are specialist books you need on a certain subject, the typically will buy these for you if you ask. The company also sends staff on formal training courses where required. To justify the cost of doing this, the course needs to have a commercial benefit to company and pay for itself within two months.

Develop Your Career

We believe SXS is the best place in the industry to develop your career. We offer life-coaching sessions with our nominated independent life coach. We also encourage one to one discussions with the Managing Director.

Always be thinking about where you want to be, and how you think we can make the company better. Research these ideas and discuss them with the people in a position to make them happen.

Advertise Us

You will be issued with business cards with SXS contact details on them. Whenever you are working and meet someone give them your card and encourage them to have a look at our website or get in touch.

Be Thorough

Always remember that people say things, or write things down for a reason. So whenever you are given instructions make sure they are done in full. If you cannot do them, or feel they are unneccessary, make sure you discuss them with the person who asked for them to be done. Never leave anything floating.

By being a person who is known to be trustworthy to get things done, you will become very valuable, very quickly.

Look for Ways we Can Improve

No matter how good we are, we can be better. Even if we are the best, we have to keep getting better to stay that way. No matter what role you play, you will be an expert in an area of the business. Always look for ways you think we can be improving, no matter how small. Devise a plan of how this can be done and discuss it with someone who can make it happen.

Attend All Social Gatherings

These are very important to us. They are a chance to see the other side of your work colleagues. This helps to understand them better,

Be Cool Headed

There will be times that you feel stressed-out. There may be times when you don't agree with someone. Sometimes you might even have to work with people you do not like. Take the following advice:

  • Remember that everyone has their own experience which determines the way they are. Ask yourself "why are they like this?" and "how could I best deal with them to make everyone happy?"
  • Remember every person has a lot to contribute. No matter what their role they will be giving a lot to the company and the team. Always look for what they are good at and what they contribute
  • NEVER get aggressive or swear. Instead take a breath or take a break
  • Remember that all people generally do what they think is the best for everyone. Always aim to understand their logic, even if you don't agree.
  • Accept people are different and that is what makes us more interesting.
  • Learn about people. By learning a bit about a person's interest and life you will be able to empathise with them better.
  • Whilst we cannot change others, be prepared to adapt your own behavior to get along with other people. If everyone does this, the atmosphere at work will be brilliant.
  • By doing the above you are almost definitely going to be able to have a good relationship with any colleagues, clients, suppliers etc.

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