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Project Handler


SXS are the UK's most broadly-resourced production companies and also one of the fastest growing.   The role of Project Handler is at the forefront of this growth and the high-end work we do.

Project Handling is taking the job from the point when it has been briefed to its completion.  This is all done with the direct support of Senior Management as well as our Department Heads.   Working at SXS as a Project Handler is a very collaborative, supportive and team-based role where you are working with some of the best technicians in the industry to deliver fantastic events.    

The correct candidate will be highly-motivated, be able to work autonomously and have a lot of focus.  Ideally they will have at least five year's past experience in related roles as well as have knowledge of many UK event venues.

Projects at SXS are varied from festivals, to gallery installations, to awards shows to arena tours.  Initially this contract will be to look after a book of work mainly comprising awards shows and conferences.  However there are always opportunities to get involved in a full range of events as well as get tickets to some of the best festivals and concerts through the company.

We are Bristol-based with the majority of our events being in central London.    We have a flexi-time program in place and can, once relationships are established, look at working from home arrangements too.    We aim to be highly supportive of family life and personal interests outside work.


The role will include:

  • Working with creatives to develop / advise on concepts
  • Specifying equipment
  • Putting ideas forward for new equipment purchases
  • Ongoing CAD work (mainly Sketchup which we can provide training for) but other packages are available
  • Drafting call sheets and schedules
  • Content wrangling
  • Budget management
  • Site visits
  • Crew briefing

The role also presents extensive opportunities to develop new production concepts as well as integrate your own creative ideas and concepts.


Because SXS has such broad resources (see the rest of this site and our YouTube channel for more info) our Project Handlers are set free to do amazing work and do not get bogged down with dealing with complex supply chains or third party contractors.   Almost everything a project handler needs for even the largest projects are within a two minute walk of their desk.  

Need a piece of staging that is a strange size or shape?   Speak to our head of set build in our 5000 square foot workshop who can make it quickly.

Last minute print graphics?  No problem, we have a large-format printer.   

New equipment for a job?    Cases can be made same-day by our in-house case factory when needed

Working on a project where the client needs show content and motion graphics?   Within our HQ we have a full motion graphics, photographic and video editing studio, as well as full-time creatives to produce the content.

Not sure if a new method is going to work as you expect?   Our large open warehouse/studio space allows us to set up entire shows to make sure everything is perfect.

Need to show a client how something unusual looks or works?    Access our database of over 40,000 photos and hundreds of hours of video footage from out 15+ year history of events showing everything we have done down to the finest detail.

We are looking for people with a proven track record in live events with a focus on the corporate sector.   Experience in other production companies, agencies or venues are all good.

We have showers and secure bike storage at our base.

Salary is based on past experience and skills.  Pay is made up of base salary, overtime for site work and bonuses.  Achieving £50,000 PA is entirely possible for high-performers who work efficiently.

Please email recruitment@sxsevents.co.uk with you CV if you wish to apply.



A proven track record of producing quality events, as well as a good understanding of all technical production concepts.

The Kit:

We believe that SXS has the broadest stock of event and production equipment in the UK. This includes substantial stocks in rigging, motors, staging, line array audio, digital audio control, drapery, furniture, flooring, stock sets, LED video walls, LCD screens, projection, camera grip and jibs, power distro, fencing, barriers, decor, special effects, show control systems and many others. Having such a board range of equipment means that both winning business and providing an excellent service is easy.

The Location:


Basis of the Role:

Full-time, Bristol-based.


On target earnings will be £50k for a motivated and experienced individual. This is comprised of basic salary, overtime, annual bonus as well as substantial commisions on revenues brought as this is a new revenue stream for the company.


Endless.   As you will be at the front line of production design you will be able to define concepts and be part of our strategy to get new work and new clients on board.

Please submit your CV and Covering Letter to recruitment@sxsevents.co.uk

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