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Warehouse Manager Job Title:

Warehouse Manager


 The Warehouse Manager is an integral part of the team. You are in charge of maintaining a safe, clean and well organised department for a busy hub of the company. 

Fundamentally it is your job to ensure that our senior technical staff can manage, prep and process our equipment swiftly, safely and effectively.

You are in charge of the warehouse, the equipment inside it, the site around it, and the safe practices for the team of people that use it each day. You may also need to go to site with the SXS team on occasion to set up, and de-rig our events.

A lot of your role will include liaising with the General Manager and MD of the company and as such, you will also receive tasks from them on a weekly basis. You will also be required to update them on new processes and safety measures as you see fit. 

In addition to the warehouse role, you will also be in charge of the SXS site and grounds around it. You will responsible for the site upkeep and maintenance.   The site is a terrace of warehouses with a yard space out back and lawns out front.  

This role has a level of flexibility where it can be adjusted to suit the unique skills and interests you have – this can be discussed in your interview.

Finally, you will also actively partake in the placement student programme. This includes interviewing, developing, and mentoring placement students throughout their year.

Tasks a warehouse manager can expect to do:

  • Ensure the warehouse is a safe place to be
  • Tidying warehouse and making sure others do too!
  • Keep consumables topped up
  • Liaising and working with the heads of department s where required
  • Maintaining warehouse equipment & booking annual services (forklift, compressor, fire alarms, fire extinguishers)
  • Operating the warehouse forklift (counterbalance)
  • Liaising with suppliers, creating purchase orders and getting sign off from the MD
  • Liaising with the logistics manager each week and updated warehouse tasks to complete
  • Maintaining our vehicle fleet making sure MOT’s, services and general cleaning is done
  • Managing the placement staff
  • Checking timesheets are correct for all employees
  • Logging lateness, problems or H&S fails

Creating a great work environment is important to everyone at the company.   We want SXS to be a place where you can fulfill your potential and grow with the company.   Also we want to make sure that working at SXS creates a healthy balance with other parts of your life.   With this in mind we have done the following

  • secure bike storage at work
  • onsite showers
  • all staff have their own lockers
  • there is a high degree of flexibility about using company equipment and resources for personal projects
  • we have a flexitime program
  • we are flexible on taking additional unpaid holiday to suit your personal needs and the workload of the company
  • we operate the "SXS Good Program" - take a look on our social media channels to learn more

Please email recruitment@sxsevents.co.uk with you CV if you wish to apply.


  • An interest in events
  • Basic knowledge and understanding of equipment or the processes of event work
  • A management role in a previous job is preferred but not mandatory
  • An interest in people, building a team and creating a great work environment
  • Basic DIY skills for general maintenance
  • Sense of humour and good vibes!

In addition the following are all desirable and you having them will have an impact on salary

  • Able to drive a forklift

  • IOSH


  • First Aid at work
  • IPAF and PASMA 
The Kit:

We believe that SXS has the broadest stock of event and production equipment in the UK. This includes substantial stocks in rigging, motors, staging, line array audio, digital audio control, drapery, furniture, flooring, stock sets, LED video walls, LCD screens, projection, camera grip and jibs, power distro, fencing, barriers, decor, special effects, show control systems and many others. 

As warehouse manager you will be handling all of this.   While the role does not require technical knowledge of the equipment there are ample opportunities to learn more about it if you wish.

The Location:


Basis of the Role:

Full-time, Bristol-based.


Competitive and good.   Factors such as existing qualifications, how much overtime you want, experience and additional skills are all factors.  We find that the salaries and overall package we offer tend to be a lot better than comparable roles in the area.  This is due to much of our revenue coming from the higher-price London market.


Endless.   SXS is a multi-million-pound fast-growth business.   Although mid-sized in the UK event market place, SXS is making waves at the top end of the event production industry.   This means that there are constant iopportunities to get involved in a wide range of projects and roles.

Please submit your CV and Covering Letter to recruitment@sxsevents.co.uk

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